Lessons Learned From 1st Class Podcast

March 13, 2007 at 9:39 pm Leave a comment

We played our first podcast in class (with some fairly powerful speakers), and it sounded pretty good.  I was concerned because sound quality sometimes changes as audio is edited and then exported again as an MP3 file.  But the sound quality held up. 

The podcast was a conversation among four class members where we each told a humorous story. 

The only problems were a few popping P’s and the occasional intake of air.  I think that is because I held the microphone right in front of my mouth rather than down to the side.  Adam Weiss, podcast consultant, has a great video that explains proper microphone placement

Photo of Adam Weiss, podcast consultant, showing microphone positioned about one inch below mouth.

Adam Weiss, podcast consultant (NOT classmate,) showing proper placement of microphone.

The other thing I learned is this:  There were four of us sharing a Sennheiser MD 46 cardioid mike, which meant we had to pass it back and forth as we talked, because the mike only picks up the speaker who has the mike pointed right at them.  That made editing easier because no one could talk on top of another person’s voice and there was no background noise.  There was a pause between speakers, but that was easy to edit out. 

However, passing the mike back and forth cut down on the interaction among us.  You can’t hear the spontaneous laughter and jokes.  

For my next podcast, I will be doing one-on-one interviews with my mother and aunts.  Because the interviews will probably last about an hour, the Sennheiser mike is out.  I don’t think it will work to pass the microphone back and forth.  So I will be using the Audio-Technica Pro24 mike.  The description says it is a double cardioid, but it seems to work like an omni-directional.  It picks up both speakers well and seems to be pretty forgiving if a speaker moves around a bit.  The problem is, it may pick up too much background noise.


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